Luisa Sposa

HISTORY OF OUR BRIDAL TAILORS STUDIO A FULLY ITALIAN FASHION HOUSE Luisa Sposa bridal fashion tailors was founded in October 1988 in Putignano, near Bari (South Italy) out of the passion and tenacity of the owner, Luisa Lotti. Founded as a family business, Luisa Sposa has evolved into a true fashion house in the heart of Puglia (South Italy), specialising in bespoke wedding dresses and other types of exclusive formal wear, with exquisite handmade finishes in precious materials predominantly of Italian origins and fine French lace. Our creations are exported and enjoyed around the world: from Milan to Rome, from Tokyo to Athens from Dublin to New York. All our dresses are tied to the land of Puglia and the rich traditions of this land, where they are designed and packaged by hand. by Luisa Sposa