We have a very large selection of wedding dresses for rent, but there are a few exceptions to dresses that we unfortunately cannot rent (e.g. vintage wedding dresses and boho wedding dresses or dresses made of silk or silk chiffon. Two-piece sets are not for rent).


The rental price of a wedding dress depends on the actual purchase price. Borrowing a wedding dress costs 1/3 of the purchase price. On average, our rental dresses are between 400 euros and 900 euros). In addition to the rental fee, there are costs for changes to the rental dress and the final cleaning. Both, of course, depend on how many changes have to be made and how complex the cleaning of the wedding dress is (which fabrics, which embroidery, etc.). The wedding dress will of course also be adjusted for you, but the changes are only provisional, so that the dress can be returned to its original state later. Nevertheless, of course, you don't see anything, our professional tailors will make your dream dress out of it.


You can rent the wedding dress for 5 days, on the 5th day it has to be brought back to us. During this time you leave a cash deposit with us, which you will then get back. The changes to your borrowed wedding dress will be made shortly before the wedding (usually in the same week, about 4-6 days before the wedding date.)


Please note that you can only reserve a wedding dress for rent 6 months before your wedding. Therefore, please do not book an earlier consultation if you want to rent your wedding dress. If you decide spontaneously to buy a dress during the appointment, there is still enough time for this.


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