Frequently asked questions

We have put together a few questions for you that we often get asked.

It's not just any dress - it's probably the most important dress in your life! We are the right place for you if you are looking for a special dress that you can design yourself! We are also the right place for you if professional advice and exclusive boutique character is important to you! Every single dress in our shop is carefully selected, because the wedding dress has to be as individual as every bride!

We recommend making an appointment for a bridal consultation about 7-10 months before the wedding.

At our place you always need an appointment in any case. We want to provide every bride with the same professional advice, enough time and of course a private separée and of course prepare for the appointment with you. You can book appointments online at any time.

We carry wedding dresses for sale and rent up to clothing size 48.

From experience we can recommend 2-3 companions at the bridal consultation. However, you are welcome to come to the consultation with a maximum of 4 companions (bride+4). It is very important that you bring people who know you well and are close to you. You are the center of attention today - your companions should support you in the best possible way! If you would like to bring more people: see event consulting (point 15).


IMPORTANT: A maximum of 2 accompanying persons are possible at the Meet my Dress appointment or Accessory appointment and at the staking!

You do not need to bring anything special to the appointment, you also do not need shoes or special underwear. A light/skin colored panty is an advantage but not mandatory. Before your appointment, please give some thought to how you would like to look on your big day and what your budget is for your dream dress. If you bring photos - all the better :)

Each appointment lasts 90 minutes. You and your companions will be warmly welcomed by our team and then you may take a seat in your private separee. After a preliminary talk, the bride and her personal consultant will select the dresses in the showroom, which will then be tried on in the private room and presented to the escorts. You don't have to be afraid that you will miss or overlook a dress, our competent consultants know every single dress in the store and will of course not withhold anything from you. Here you can really give us your full trust. :) Of course, as the bride, you browse through the dresses yourself!

To put it in a nutshell: YES :) But not every bride has tears flowing here! It's really quite different. If it feels right, then it is.

Our long wedding dresses start at about 1.200 Euro. On average you will find most of our dresses between 1.500 - 2.500 Euro. You can rent dresses from about 500 Euro (plus cleaning). Please note: Both when buying and renting, the alteration costs are always separate. We have over 500 wedding dresses in our store. Usually you can find all the models we have on the homepage for fitting in our boutique and of course even more! If you come to our store because of a particular dress, it is advisable to ask beforehand by Whatsapp or e-mail whether the dress is currently available for fitting. In general, we really represent every style.

If you have decided on your dream dress during the consultation, then you sign the purchase contract/rental agreement directly afterwards and pay for your dress. You can pay with a debit or credit card or cash.

Tailor alterations (fine fitting) take place after the delivery of your wedding dress to the tailor (e.g. shortening the length or tightening the waist). Tailor alterations usually take place about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Tailoring costs are not included in the purchase price.
Design changes are the changes you make to the wedding dress during the consultation and which are ordered at the same time (e.g. you order the fitting dress with extra sleeves and with a longer train and extra glitter). These changes to the dress are directly ordered and ordered. The dress will be delivered with the changed design. Design changes will be charged additionally by the manufacturer.

Be there with your heart - not with your cell phone!
Photos during the consultation are not allowed. We also ask here to refrain from secret photo and video recordings!

We promise you: no bride has ever decided for or against a dress based on a cell phone photo!
If you can't decide on a dress at your initial appointment, we will be very happy to provide you with professional photography and video of your favorite dress!

From 01 September 2022, there will be a consulting fee of 25.00 euros for the initial consultation. Of course, this fee will be charged 100% at the time of purchase - by the way, even if you can't decide right away at the first appointment! If you come to a second appointment within 3 months after the initial consultation to buy one of your favorite dresses, the consultation fee will also be charged.

You want to surprise the bride with the appointment and/or make a real event out of the consultation? Then book an event consultation!
Instead of 90 minutes you have 3 hours of exclusive bridal consultation and can bring not only 4 but 8 companions. Two separees will be made into one especially for you, so that there is of course plenty of space to feel comfortable! In addition, you will of course be provided with drinks and small treats (important: only if Corona allows it).

Of course, you can also find a lot of accessories to the wedding dress, which make your bridal look complete! In addition to hair accessories and tiaras, there are of course veils, jewelry and many other important bridal accessories and gadgets. The accessories are not selected at the initial appointment (bridal consultation), for this you have a separate appointment with us when you pick up your dress, where you can browse for accessories in a relaxed way.

No, unfortunately we do not buy used clothes.

You can park directly in front of the store on the street. You can also find parking in the numerous side streets directly around the stores.

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