• What is the price range of the wedding gowns?
    We offer dresses for every bride and every budget. Starting at 250 Euros for short bridal dresses, and for long bridal dresses starting at around 900 Euros. For the more luxuriant dresses range up to 6000 Euros.

  • How early should I start looking for my wedding gown?
    We recommend not to start to early looking for your wedding gown. Still, it needs to be timely. 6 months before the wedding is a good time to start your search.

  • Do you have all the dresses shown on your website in stock?
    Normally, we have all the dresses presented on our website available in our boutique. In rare cases, it is possible that a certain dress is sold out and we currently don’t have it in stock at our shop. If you decide to arrange an appointment with us and need to travel quite a distance to buy a very specific dress, it would be best to contact us beforehand, so we can make sure we have the dress in stock.

  • Do I need to arrange an appointment, if I’d like to try on a few bridal gowns, evening gowns and suits?
    It would be advisable to do so, especially on Saturday. It is not possible to try on dresses without one of our advisors. To be able to provide you with a relaxing and memorable experience and take enough time to support you in your search, it would be best to arrange your very individual appointment with us. This might also work out short-termed! Just give us a call or arrange an appointment  24h online!

  • How much do the suits and tuxedos cost?
    Suits and tuxedos start at 350 Euro.

  • Do you offer business suits?
    Yes, we offer very elegant business suits! We like to combine modern, classy suits with beautiful accessories to provide you with a perfect groom’s outfit. You don’t need to worry about not being able to wear your wedding suit again after the wedding – we have the perfect solution for you!

  • Is it possible to rent out all the dresses you present on your website?
    You can rent out almost every dress, which we have on display. Nevertheless, there are a few brands and models, which you cannot rent out! Dresses on discount are not available for rent.

  • How long can I rent out the dress for?
    The maximum time span for a dress rental is 5 days. If you should get married outside of Munich or even Germany, we will still provide you with a dress for rent.

  • How much does it cost do rent out a wedding gown?
    This depends on the purchase price of the wedding gown. Starting with 300 Euros up to 3000 Euros, we have dresses for rent suiting everyone’s needs.

  • Is it possible, to have tailoring alterations done on rental gowns?
    Yes, it is possible to fit the dress, even if you only rent it out.

  • Are the tailoring fee inclusive?
    The tailoring fees are calculated extra. Since it is possible, that you do not need any tailoring done on your gown, because it fits you perfectly, this is only fair. Therefore, you pay your own, individual tailoring fees.

  • Is it possible to bring company?
    Of course, you may bring friends and consultants with you to your appointment. In experience, it is best, to limit the amount of people accompanying you to maximum three people. You should also make sure, you bring someone, who you trust and who might have an understanding of your individual preferences. We’d just like to say: “Be your own woman!”

  • I bought my wedding gown or my suit in another shop. Can I have tailoring alterations done at your shop anyway?
    You can call us and we will rocommend you some of our partner tailors, where you can bring your garments to.

  • Where can I have my wedding gown dry-cleaned?
    We are very experienced with dry-cleaning wedding and evening gowns. Just hand us your gowns, we will dry-clean them as quickly as possible at an appropriate price.

  • How much would it cost to have my wedding gown dry-cleaned?
    Normally, it will cost between 80€ and 300€ to have your bridal gown dry-cleaned at our boutique.

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