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We have put together a few questions for you that we are frequently being asked. 

It's not just any dress - it's probably the most important dress in your life! We are the right place for you if you are looking for a special dress that you can design yourself! We are also the right place for you if professional advice and exclusive boutique character is important to you! Every single dress in our shop is chosen very carefully, because the wedding dress has to be as individual as every bride!

We recommend making an appointment for a bridal consultation about 6-9 months before the wedding.

With us you always need an appointment in any case. We want to provide every bride with the same professional advice, enough time and of course a private separée and of course prepare for the appointment with you. You can book appointments online at any time.

With the opening of our Curvy Bride store in September 2019, a dream came true for us: we have a great boutique for plus size bridal fashion (from size 44). If you are unsure which store is right for you, feel free to contact us by phone.

You are very welcome to come to the consultation with 3 companions (bride+3). It is very important that you bring people who know you well and are close to you. You are the center of attention today - your companions should support you in the best possible way!

Du musst zum Termin nichts Spezielles mitbringen, du benötigst auch keine Schuhe oder spezielle Unterwäsche. Ein helles/hautfarbenes Höschen ist von Vorteil aber nicht zwingend notwendig. Bitte mach dir vor deinem Termin unbedingt ein paar Gedanken, wie du denn an deinem großen Tag aussehen möchtest und welches Budget du in etwa für dein Traumkleid einplanst. Wenn du Fotos mitbringst – umso besser 🙂

Jeder Termin dauert 90 Minuten. Du und deine Begleitungen werdet von unserem Team herzlich in Empfang genommen und dürft dann in eurem privaten Separee Platz nehmen. Nach einem Vorgespräch trifft die Braut dann zusammen mit ihrer persönlichen Beraterin die Auswahl der Kleider im Showroom, die im Anschluss im Separee probiert und den Begleitungen präsentiert werden. Dabei musst du keine Angst haben, dass du ein Kleid verpasst oder übersiehst, unsere kompetenten Beraterinnen kennen jedes einzelne Kleid im Store und werden dir selbstverständlich nichts vorenthalten. Hier darfst du uns wirklich dein volles Vertrauen schenken 🙂

Um es kurz zu sagen: JA 🙂 Aber nicht bei jeder Braut fließen hier die Tränen! Das ist wirklich ganz unterschiedlich. Wenn es sich richtig anfühlt, dann ist es das auch.

Our long wedding dresses start at about 1.100 Euro. On average you will find most of our dresses between 1.300 - 2.300 Euro. You can rent dresses from about 400 Euro (plus cleaning). Please note: Both when buying and renting, the alteration costs are always separate. We have over 500 wedding dresses in our store. Usually you can find all the models we have on the homepage for fitting in our boutique and of course even more! If you come to our store because of a particular dress, it is advisable to ask beforehand by Whatsapp or e-mail whether the dress is currently available for fitting. In general, we really represent every style.


If you have decided on your dream dress during the consultation, then you sign the purchase contract/rental agreement directly afterwards and pay for your dress. You can pay with a debit or credit card or cash.

Tailoring changes take place after delivery of your wedding dress to the tailor (e.g. shortening the length or tightening the waist). Tailoring costs are not included in the purchase price.
Design changes are the changes you make to the wedding dress during the consultation and which are ordered at the same time (e.g. you order the fitting dress with extra sleeves and with a longer train and with extra glitter). Design changes will be charged additionally by the manufacturer.

Photos during the consultation are not allowed. We also ask here to refrain from secret photo and video recordings!

You do not have to pay any fees for the consultation / fitting, this is of course free of charge. Important: The appointment must be booked by you personally! The consultation as a surprise or event? See next point.

You want to surprise the bride with the appointment and/or make a real event out of the consultation? Then book an event consultation!
Instead of 90 minutes time you have here equal to 3 hours exclusive bridal consultation and can bring not only 3 but 6 companions. From two separees are made especially for you one, so of course there is plenty of space to feel good! In addition, you will of course be provided with drinks and small treats (Important: only if Corona allows it).

Of course, you can also find a lot of accessories to the wedding dress, which make your bridal look complete! In addition to hair accessories and tiaras, there are of course veils, jewelry and many other important bridal accessories and gadgets. The accessories are not selected at the initial appointment (bridal consultation), for this you have a separate appointment with us when you pick up your dress, where you can browse for accessories in a relaxed way.

No, unfortunately we do not buy used dresses.

You can park directly in front of the store on the street. You can also find parking in the numerous side streets directly around the stores.

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