White Silhouette provides you with the opportunity to rent out certain dresses!

Just rent the dress of your dreams and compose your own special wedding collection – a combination of a long, elegant bridal gown and a sexy party dress for the evening might fit your need perfectly.


Be creative, don’t settle for just one dress on your wedding day. Go on and compose your very own collection. It is your day, which is exactly why you should feel beautiful and comfortable at all times!

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At church

Be a princess, let your dream come true and pick a beautiful, long bridal gown with an extravagant veil.



At night

When the celebrations begin: Enjoy a few lighthearted hours, dance and enjoy the excitement. A short and sexy bridal dress might suit your needs a lot better!

Why settle for one dress, why not rent out two? An elegant bridal gown for the official part and the bridal shooting. Afterwards, for the evening celebrations, why not hop into a short and breezy bridal dress?



Prices & Conditions

We have a very large selection of bridal gowns for hire, but there are a few exceptions to dresses that we unfortunately can not lend (such as vintage wedding dresses or silk or silk chiffon dresses).


The price of a bridal gown depends on the actual purchase price. Borrowing a bridal gown costs 1/3 of the purchase price plus changes and cleaning. Both are dependent on how many changes are made and how complex the cleaning of the bridal gown is. The wedding dress will of course be adjusted for you, but the changes are only provisional, so that the dress can later be restored to its original state. Nevertheless, you see nothing of course, our professional tailors make it YOUR dream dress.


You can borrow the wedding dress for 5 days, on the 5th day it must be returned to us. During this time, you deposit a cash deposit with us, which you then get back. Please note that you can reserve a wedding dress only 6 months before your wedding to borrow. Therefore, please do not book an earlier appointment.


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